I saw We Beauty on Instagram of some of my friends, and it is famous for its foot massage. Since it has been patented, foot massage in the country is only possible at We Beauty.

​We Beauty

In addition to face and head line management, various body line management programs are available. Recently, several management programs have been renewed and are being carried out. It has been around 30 years since CEO Wie Soo-young established a line, and now has a branch in Guong-gu.

My trapezius is definitely a bit tight, so I had a lot of troubles because it was difficult to untie it with moderate hand pressure, but I wondered how effective a foot massage would be.

​I made a reservation a week in advance, and when I arrived at the We Beauty branch, they were kindly greeted and guided from the front door.

counter and small waiting area

You can drink tea or hot water, and the staff are very friendly.

Consultation/waiting room

Go to the consulting room and fill out the customer card first.

After you indicate the main information and areas of concern, the manager will come in and explain how We Beauty traps muscle massage solves shoulder pain and headaches and what advantages there are.

We Beauty Responsibility System

The strongest strength of We Beauty is that it operates a responsibility system. It is said that before and after photos are taken at each session and a refund is given if there is no change to the satisfaction of the customer. Even those who are worried about whether the We Beauty program is right for me or not can try it out and make the choice they want without any hesitation. one of the important parts

You can check first before and after 1 reference of similar concerns that received the trapezius massage program.

The person in charge was very kind and explained this and that We Beauty and foot care, which helped a lot in understanding and selection criteria.

Body measurement room that measures the body in detail

Accurate before-and-after comparison through shooting

After the consultation, go to the management room.

Even in We Beauty, you can receive private and comfortable management as it has a single room structure per person.

We Beauty Management Office

There is a sink in the room for washing hands and washing hands.

Thick mattresses and bedding are provided on the floor. Temperature can be adjusted as desired

Clean and tidy management room

There is a sterilizer inside the closet, and there is a robe in it, so you can change.

Put on a sterilized robe and lie down and wait!

What I clearly felt the strength of the trapezius massage with the feet was that even with a similar number of acupressure and sweeping, the applied power and pressure were different, so even a relatively short time management could have a greater effect.

  1. Start from just below the ear and start with the movement of sweeping down the shoulder line.
  2. If you release the power, the motion continues to the back and relaxes the muscles in the back connected to the mites.
  3. After that, the movement of stretching the outside of the shoulder that is bent in the C-shape like a lever is in progress.

Movement 2 really had the effect of relaxing the body a lot. When you release the shoulder joint, the range of motion for turning the neck becomes much smoother and wider, and when you release the shoulder/mitral, it is strange that the facial line on that side rises up and the lifting effect occurs together.. When you receive one and look in the mirror, both sides How many times did I say it was strange because the difference was clearly visible?

Comparison of We Beauty trapezius massage 1st before and after

I pasted the pictures right up and down, but the difference in neck length is huge.

You can see that the left side has a slightly better effect, so the right side is also lowered. It took about a month for the seungmogeun botox to take effect, and it was very disappointing that it came back quickly, but I thought that I could definitely make an L-line with 10 reps of We Beauty.

This before and after attention point is the thickness of the neck. Left is before, right is after. Looking at the line, the next time I receive it, I’ll have to ask him to make the right side stronger.

The point of comparison here is the volume difference between the front and back of the upper body.

Comparing the thickness of chest pain starting from the back of the arm, after the procedure, the inward curve of the shoulder was straightened and it became thinner. This was an unexpected effect, but when I compared the photos I took like this, I was surprised to see it clearly.

At first, I was curious and a little worried about the concept of foot management, but after seeing the flawless cleanliness and quarantine management directly, I thought that there was no need to worry about that part. Even though it took less than 50 minutes, I could see a big change in just one session, so I was able to experience firsthand why the We-Beauty management is so famous. Foot trapezius massage – I will come back to the next review to see how much my shoulder pain has been resolved!