If your shoulder is usually stiff or stiff, it is recommended to suspect a cervical or spinal disease. So when the shoulder is stiff, the shoulder is hard. The solution to the symptoms is often improved by treating cervical or spinal diseases. Of course, shoulder pain can occur even if there is no specific disease, but the cause of shoulder pain or stiffness is often not considered to be cervical or spinal disease. So when the shoulder is stiff, the shoulder is stiff.

Hard shoulder. If the symptom is not due to a specific disease, it can also be caused by an individual’s bad habits or incorrect posture. When the shoulder is not used in a balanced way or the sitting posture is not correct, the symptoms of shoulder muscle stiffness may appear. The reason why the shoulder becomes stiff and cramped is that the muscle becomes stiff as it is maintained in a tense state for a long time. If the shoulder muscles are used excessively, the tension of the muscles increases, causing the shoulders to become stiff and stiff. Even when fatigue substances build up in the muscles due to stress, the shoulders become stiff.

In order to relieve the stiff shoulder, I massage it with my own hands or receive a massage. If the symptoms are not severe, massage may relieve tight muscles, but if the symptoms are severe, only a temporary effect can be seen. It is not good to receive only muscle massage without addressing the underlying cause of muscle stiffness. When the muscles become too tight and stiff, the pain in the shoulder gets worse. Even if the range of motion of the shoulder is reduced due to pain in the shoulder muscle, the use of the shoulder may be restricted.

When the exact cause is unknown and chronic shoulder stiffness is the solution, the first thing to do is to go to the hospital and get an examination. Through radiological examination, you can check whether there are any shoulder diseases or diseases in the cervical or spine, and then treat the cause after diagnosing the exact cause. If you are diagnosed with shoulder disease, you can improve your symptoms through medication or physical therapy, or if the symptoms are severe, you can proceed with surgery.

The frequent shoulder postures are mainly caused by sitting on the floor or sitting on a chair. In particular, people who play computer games or work on a computer for a long time sitting in a chair often complain of shoulder pain. When the height of the computer monitor is lower than eye level, you naturally lower your head and look. Also, sitting in a chair is very important because cervical vertebra disease worsens as the neck hangs down like a turtle’s neck while maintaining a bent posture without sitting with the back and shoulders upright.

When not in a chair, place your hips as close to the back of the chair as possible, straighten your back, and straighten your shoulders and chest. The height of the computer monitor must be at eye level to keep the neck upright. Even if you maintain a correct sitting posture, sitting in a chair for a long time can increase muscle tension and cause tightness in the muscles of the back, shoulders, and neck. When working while sitting in a chair for a long time, it is helpful to get up at least once an hour to loosen and stretch the muscles that are prone to clumping.

These days, the posture of looking at the smartphone for a long time can also make cervical vertebrae more severe. If you hold the smartphone with your hand and look at the smartphone screen for a long time with your neck bowed, the cervical spine deforms and neck disc symptoms occur. A posture in which the neck is bent puts pressure on the disc in the cervical vertebrae, which may cause the disc to protrude backwards or swell or burst due to inflammation. If a disc herniation or a disc rupture causes the nucleus pulposus to drain, it can compress the nerve and cause severe pain or paralysis in the shoulder or arm area.

So, it is important to improve the habit of looking at the smartphone for a long time and to maintain a good posture when sitting in a chair and working on the computer. In addition to pain in the neck or shoulder region, cervical spine diseases such as cervical disc cause pain and paralysis in arms and fingers, so you should be careful not to cause neck disc symptoms. In addition to cervical spine disease, it is helpful to stretch regularly to prevent shoulder diseases. As above, when the shoulder is stiff, I looked into how to solve the symptom.