Shiatsu 런베스트오피 massage for herniated disc treatment

Shiatsu 런베스트오피 massage for herniated disc treatment

I am suffering from a herniated disc again these days.

I had a herniated disc 4-5 protruding.

So far, I have had 3 surgeries.

​As a result

There is almost no gap between the bones.

So it really hurts.

ignorant ignorant.

​But it’s broken again.

​Now, if you go to a big hospital, they recommend that you have another operation.

​no hospital surgery

The only way to get better by myself

I’m on treatment.

​Among those treatments, I am receiving acupressure.

(Currently, I am climbing, swimming, and acupressure.

I want to end the pain.)

(Currently not taking any medications)

​where is this

This is the first Hanmaeum apartment building in Sugok-dong, Cheongju-si.

#Cheongju Sugok-dong Hanmaeum Apartment

#myeongseong massage acupressure center


No problem with parking space.

Just park your car inside the complex.

​Go inside and inside the massage parlor.

It’s cozy and neat.

​This is a #meridian picture of the body.

Treatment is based on this.

​There is only one bed to be treated.

Of course it would be ^^

Concentrate on treatment for only one person….

​#Cheongju Massage Acupressure Therapist’s name is

Myunggi Lee is the teacher.

010 – 4416 – 9905

Are you curious about the price?

an hour and a half treatment time

It is 50,000 won.

​Take a breather for a moment.

​go to the changing place

Change into medical clothes.

​Here in this bed, the patient is treated lying down.

Just lying down.

​Lie comfortably for an hour and a half

I feel my body.

​Hmm… my body hurts here.

Ah, this one is also grouped together.

Ah, it hurt because of this group.

When the teacher loosens my body

I also look at my body with a positive mind.

Myunggi Lee, therapist. you are handsome What are your skills? I don’t have the skills, but can I upload it to everyone…. I’m getting a lot of treatment. It looks like it will hurt.

#Cheongju massage acupressure treatment.

How will this be treated?

teacher said

Shiatsu massage

When something breaks down in our body

to protect itself

It creates tension, and that tension causes the muscles to swell.

But with external help, these tight muscles

Release. (massage pressure)

If you release tight muscles,

By stimulating the painful area, the body self-healing

I made it to be.

Actually, I mean the teacher’s hour and a half

during treatment

A question to answer my doubts

That’s the point of the answer

​These words I wrote are the words of the teacher

in my own interpretation

In an easy-to-understand way

I’m not a therapist so it’s not a complete answer

I tell you. (I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.)

​more accurate

The principle of treatment can be heard directly from the teacher….

허리디스크 치료 지압안마

Curious 1.

Are women treated?

Yes. I receive.

receive a lot.

However, since it treats the painful area and the root cause,

You must allow your body to be touched and trust the teacher.

Our #Cho Jin-sook, Executive Director of Rehabilitation Bankruptcy

I can’t even die.

I’m sorry for that.

When it hurts, I feel shy and a little embarrassed

You have to overcome this.

#Cheongju Personal Rehabilitation Bankruptcy


Curious 2.

What diseases do you treat?

#lumbar disc treatment #neck disc treatment

#rotary plate shoulder back head back musculoskeletal system

Problems of the five organs, including the stomach (digestion, sleep, hunger, etc.)

No other hospital

My own pain…

when you have any symptoms

First of all, I’d like to call and ask.

the teacher is confident

If you come once

I like it a lot and I definitely want to go.

Curious 3.

Are you good at treatment?


Until now, dozens of patients with disc or musculoskeletal system

freed me from the pain of pain

While treating the internal organs among women,

# Diagnosed 3 minutes of uterine fibroids and went to the hospital

All three were fully healed.

Lots of guitars…

I’ve been treated 5 times now.

Pain was reduced by 50%.

(I am the subject of surgery.

you’re doing well. 30 years of patient life experience…)

(It’s embarrassing, but I’m proud of everything.

It cures many ailments such as herniated discs. With massage pressure??? yes sure. Fix it.

Curious 4.

How many times should I take it? (The cost of treatment???)

in reality

You can’t cure something that doesn’t get better at a hospital, etc.

In my case, I decided to try it ten times.

I’m planning on spending $50k.

If you take a light one, two or three or four times,

You may not come….

Regarding the cost of treatment

It’s never expensive.

It costs about 100,000 won to 200,000 won for 30 minutes of manual treatment at the hospital…

Actually, here is Mr. Lee Myung-gi

you do much better

The price is 2 to 4 times cheaper…

​This is Jang Ji-moon.

Jang Ji-moon makes something that doesn’t exist or uploads it

Don’t wait and say no.

​now in my course of treatment

I met a good teacher.