“Aromaspa,” an in-depth study of dermatological technology

We don’t give meaning to things we don’t feel for ourselves. Simply put, I don’t want to think and study. Compared to the stress and tiredness that modern people feel in their daily lives, it may be said that it is caused by indifference that they do not manage in advance and do not care. However, when faced with problems, most people always research and develop technologies, preferring new and higher-quality technologies. We usually pass by negligently, but only when we reach a skin condition that is visible or touched a little, we are very sensitive and care about it. Many of these customers have been visiting the “Jeong In-sun Aromaspa” (Director Jeong In-sun), which has been studying for healthy skin care and better technology development for more than 20 years.
Jeong In-sun, director of the aroma stone massage therapy at ★ massage site★, has been operating for more than 20 years and is proud of aroma therapy enough to operate four directly managed stores. In some cases, if mental stress is excessive, they are treated in hospitals or monasteries, but there are many people who professionally use scent and smell to seek healing therapy, which is called aromatherapy. Aromatherapy, a therapy that extracts essential oils from flowers, leaves, stems, roots, and fruits of plants and penetrates the human body using massage, suction therapy, bath therapy, and aromatherapy to directly heal or stabilize the body. Director Jeong In-sun said, “We are studying skin science technology in depth to manage customers’ skin so that customers can experience the know-how themselves through more thorough and systematic management.” Last year, Yongka’s aroma stone massage therapy, which is attracting global attention, was introduced to customers to show skin care that realizes the power of stones. Aroma Stone Massage is a massage using stones that have different energies and various aroma essential oils that have healing effects on the body, and uses her own secrets as a care that gives maximum stability and rest to the body and mind. It has various effects of stimulating the five senses, such as energy generation, while allowing people to feel the tension of muscles and the feast of music therapy created by stones while removing toxins, which relieves fatigue and tension accumulated after management. She does not end here, but plays a role in allowing vitamin C to be infiltrated by electrophoresis to free herself from freckles, pigments and blemishes, one of the concerns of many women. In addition, Amora skincare is the main product of delicate skin care based on professional and scientific studies such as sports-bal massage, nail art, meridian obesity, and makeup. As modern people’s interest grows, aromatherapy therapy will become popular and specialized in the future. In particular, men are also increasingly interested in skin these days, which is expected to lead to great development. The reason why Jung In-sun, director of “Aromaspa,” started this job comes from his brief modeling career in school. During my modeling career, I got to know the director of a hair shop, and through that director, I became interested in this work and acquired professional tasting and started working. Currently, he serves as an advisor to the Korea Body Type Management Association’s Skin Care Division and has been continuously volunteering despite his busy time. Director Jeong In-sun has yet to be popularized for skin care, so many people are not easily exposed to it, and there is a hope that it will develop into a popular culture that can be used by anyone in the future. “If you postpone skin care, you will regret it belatedly, and it is better to take care of it step by step from the beginning of maintaining your youth,” said Director Jeong In-sun. It would be good to think that investing in yourself, not luxury, is a development in a better way. I look forward to the development of skin beauty in the future as she always studies, challenges new things, and always does her best to customers by developing through constant efforts and constant self-development.