Introducing the benefits and benefits of the 공유 오피!

Introducing the benefits and benefits of the 공유 오피!

Many people understand the 공유 오피 as the concept of renting a non-resident office, although it is simply an address. However, you should focus on the benefits that non-residential offices offer, not only address rentals, but also significant cost savings throughout business operations. Then, let’s find out about the benefits of the non-residential office of the corporate operator.

공유 오피

Non-residential offices (공유 오피) are services that do not require offices because there are not many single-person startups or employees, but can be used at an affordable cost by start-ups who need help managing business addresses and mails that can deliver expertise to customers and customers.

Non-resident 공유 오피 provide optimal business services for online business founders. Fixed spaces require regular management, and additional costs such as electricity, office supplies, and parking fees are incurred to maintain offline work spaces, but non-residents can work from home and run their businesses with tools such as laptops.

공유 오피 allow telecommuters and businesses that do not need physical office space to work from anywhere and invest in other areas of the business by reducing unnecessary rent.

Benefits of Corporate Business Operators

The advantage of individual businesses is that the CEO can freely use the profit surplus generated from the business and the start-up and closing process are simple. However, the higher the income, the higher the tax rate of the comprehensive income tax, and the lower the external credit rating, making it difficult to attract investment, and the disadvantage is that individual businesses take unlimited responsibility for losses.

The benefits of corporate businesses are lower than individual businesses and have high external credit ratings, so they can receive investment, state-funded projects, and benefits, but if the representative uses the profit surplus generated by the corporation at will, it will be treated as provisional payment and interest will be paid. In addition, there is a disadvantage that it is difficult to establish alone because the establishment process is quite complicated and there are many necessary documents.

공유 오피 내부

Benefits of Non-residential Offices in 공유 오피

Conference room free of charge for 3 hours per month,

a discount on renting a lecture

For businesses that send mail, quick services,

Phone line installable

Fax, Scan, Copy Available

Tax consultation and bookkeeping services agent

Support for consulting such as homepage, blog, SNS, etc

Provide business card design and 30% discount on homepage production for more than 6 months


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